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Granular Viscous Soil Stabilizing Polymer/CalTrans approved along with many other state D.O.T.’s

Soda Ash

Soda Ash is used to raise the pH of make-up water for Polymer and Bentonite drilling fluids by precipitating out hardness in the mix water.

Sodium Bicarbonate is a neutral pH /buffer and has many uses.

Sodium Hydroxide is a granular pH regulator and is an essential component when using the SHORE PAC foundation drilling slurry.


ACCU-VIS is a liquid drilling fluid polymer with no shear required.


De-Chlor is a dechlorination additive that neutralizes chlorine in municipal water.

Medium Chips

Medium chips are a 3/8” granular fluid loss additive.  They are a natural sodium bentonite screened to 3/8” in size.

Cetco Crumbles

CETCO Crumbles is an 8-20 mesh coarse granular bentonite fluid loss additive composed of polymer-free, dried bentonite.

Sand Sealant is a special blended dry powdered mineral and multi-seal.  Multi-seal is a dry select blend of four types of materials: flake, granular, fine, and coarse fibers used for fluid loss control.

SLURRY BUSTER DRY is an industrial grade oxidizing agent used to breakdown SHORE PAC polymer slurry. Composed of 65% active ingredients, SLURRY BUSTER DRY will not freeze.

INSTA-CLEAR DRY is designed to lower pH, break emulsions, and remove high levels of suspended solids. It is very effective in flocculating a shaft prior to sand content checks if needed.

PREMIUM GEL is a 200 mesh, 90 bbl yield sodium bentonite for freshwater drilling, slurry walls, and tunnel boring.