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CG-400 'Environmental' Series

The ChemGrout CG-400 Remediator is a skid mounted, gas/hydraulic, high pressure, environmental remediation injection system.

Uses: Geotechnical - environmental remediation, monitor wells, in situ injection, direct push injection.

CG-450 High-Shear Injection Series

The ChemGrout CG-450/2L4/EH is a custom designed, skid or wheel mounted, high shear injection system.

Designed for vacuum grouting of post tensioned cables ducts or small injection projects.

Used for: Heavy-duty frame and lifting lug stand up to the rugged conditions of post tension grouting.

CG-540 Compact Sprayer/Finisher Series

The ChemGrout model CG540/2C4/A is a skid mounted, air powered grout machine.

Used for: waterproofing, spraying, post tensioning, machine base, self leveling floor underlayments, resurfacing deteriorated concrete, and more...

CG-542 Cable & Rock Bolt Grout Plant

The ChemGrout model CG-542 is a skid mounted air powered grout plant.

Used for: rock bolts, rock anchors, cable grouting, cable stays, waterproofing, rock and soil nails.


The ChemGrout CG-550B bentonite well grouter series are skid mounted units.

Used for: well grouting, seal casing annulus, seal casing in monitor wells, sealing abandoned wells and void filling.

CG-Delta Mini

The ChemGrout model CG-DELTA MINI is a wheel mounted, electric powered, continuous mixing grout machine that is designed to provide a continuous mixing and pumping operation.

Used for: Self leveling floor underlayments, plastering, resurfacing deteriorated concrete, waterproofing, and more...


The ChemGrout EasyFlo Self Leveling grout mixer and pump are electric powered, wheel mounted portable grouting equipment.

Used for: Self Leveling Underlayments, waterproofing, well casing, abondon shafts/holes, undersealing.


The ChemGrout model CG-QUATTRO is a wheel mounted, electric powered, continuous mixing grout machine

Used for: self leveling floor underlayments, plastering, stucco, EFIS, fireproofing, resurfacing deteriorated concrete, and more...